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Likewise (2010)

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Likewise Album Cover

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"Bravo for Likewise! Dan’s compositions are adventurous, and his ideas are clear and well developed. I see many possibilities in his career.” -LALO SCHIFRIN Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated Composer and Pianist
released 31 July 2010 Dan Marschak Piano, Keyboard, Hammond C3 Organ Kalil Wilson Vocals (2,6) Lindsay Noelle Jackson Vocals (2,6) Hitomi Oba Tenor Saxophone (3,5,8,9) Justin Janer Alto Saxophone (8) Max Kaplan Bass Clarinet (8) Tommy Folen Electric Bass and Guitar (2,6) Tom Altura Acoustic Bass (3,5,8,9) Fretless Electric Bass (8) Greg Swiller Acoustic Bass (1,4) John Avila Fretless Electric Bass (1) Julian Hogan Drums (2,6) Miles Senzaki Drums (1,3,5,8,9) Josh Duron Percussion (3,5) All music composed, arranged, and published by Dan Marschak Yasha Music (BMI) except where indicated Produced by Dan Marschak & John Avila Recorded and Mixed by John Avila between February and June 2010 at Brando’s Paradise Studios, San Gabriel, California Additional Engineering by Tony Austin & Dennis Moody Mastered by Ron McMaster at Capitol Records © 2010 Dan Marschak All rights reserved