Download Presskit "With its interesting and genre-varied repertoire of largely original music, Likewise turns out to be quite a challenging debut album from the young Marschak, a pianist whose talents both as a composer and player are well-displayed on this first effort."- "Bravo for Likewise! Dan's compositions are adventurous, and his ideas are clear and well developed. I see many possibilities in his career" -LALO SCHIFRIN Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated Composer and Pianist "Dan Marschak's debut CD, Likewise firmly places him in the esteemed group of the next generation of jazz greats." -BARBARA BRIGHTON Producer BJB Enterprises/Jazz Ventures "Dan Marschak has an exceptionally deep knowledge and love for jazz. As a pianist, he's learned the styles of the great pianists, studying them and integrating his discoveries and his perception into his own very personal voice. He plays with a solid understanding of the inner harmonic workings of the music and a fresh and imaginative improvisatory gift. I always enjoy listening to whatever he has to say musically" -JOHN ADAMS Pulitzer Prize-winning Composer "Dan is one of the best young players on the scene!" - MARK LEVINE Pianist and Author of The Jazz Piano Book "Dan is a wonderfully inventive pianist and composer with, I'm certain, a bright future!" -RUTH PRICE President and Artistic Director, The Jazz Bakery "As both a pianist and composer, Dan Marschak is developing a unique musical voice. I'm repeatedly impressed by his melodic and harmonic inventiveness." -CHARLEY HARRISON Associate Director of the Chicago Jazz Orchestra "Dan Marschak is a superb musician: creative, disciplined, completely individual. He has already developed a powerful personal voice" PAUL CHIHARA Composer, Head of UCLA's Visual Media Dept. "A restless musical imagination that will keep his music growing and growing for years to come. Always ready to explore new sonic directions, to collaborate creatively with others, to compose music that really paints a picture, and explore hidden corners in well-worn standards, Dan is someone whose music I look forward to hearing unfold as the years go by." -TAMIR HENDELMAN Pianist, Composer, Recording Artist